About Us

Since 1993 Complete Soccer Academy has been training and preparing players for their youth, high school, Olympic Development, college and professional teams. Count on us to create a quality training program for your individual goals and priorities.

The Complete Soccer Academy Dennis Viollet Training Center is a year-round training facility where students come for classes and camps. We focus on developing individual players, not on finding the best players and forming teams. There are things in soccer which have to be taught and cannot be learned by just playing on a team.

Often times a child who is gifted in soccer will be selected for premier teams, win many games and receive lots of trophies. Being on a winning team doesn't mean the individual player is growing in skills. Although he may be fast and score lots of goals, is he being challenged to perform at his highest potential? Is he playing soccer well or are his natural physical abilities leading to wins? Is he learning the proper way to dribble, pass, head, receive and shoot? At CSA we believe that while winning is important, playing well is crucial. Children must be taught to play correctly.

Soccer is a player oriented sport. The coach sets the framework, but the player must be able to think and make decisions on the field. We use a player-oriented methodology in which players are taught to think and make decisions. CSA does not dilute the training. We identify each student's strengths and with that strength students gain confidence and improve on their weaknesses. CSA students are taught to play well with others, respect others and develop good sportmanship. Soccer players must learn to pass the ball to their teammates and work together to score goals.

Not all CSA students aspire to become professional players. Soccer is a fun sport which gets players fit, develops team concepts, and builds confidence. At CSA we develop players through FUN skill-building games. We have classes and programs for all levels of ability, from the serious soccer player to kids who are just happy to play. Students get fit, learn about healthful eating and build strength and confidence while having fun.

The CSA Dennis Viollet Soccer Training Center is located in Apopka, FL, in Seminole County on Rt. 436, between Hunt Club Blvd and Bear Lake Rd, behind Wendy's and Taco Bell.